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CdB Salsakruiis 2013 artistid:


Ibirocay Regueira

Elena Poutanen
Vladimir Guala

Azael & Talia

Nemanja Sonero

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DJ Sonero


DJ Azael  

Azael & Talia
Nemanja Sonero
Mother Africa
African dance and circus show
Cuban quartet
Playing around the ship


Artistide täpsem info:

Ibirocay Regueira

Started dancing salsa at the clubs in 1994 after having danced latin folklore during most of his childhood. Ibi trained ballett, jazz, hiphop as well as flamenco and is currently taking extensive West Coast Swing training. He has experience from numerous TV appearances and is also the winner of the 2009 national salsa championships in Sweden. Other merits include winning 2nd place at the World Salsa Open (2003, 2004) and the World Salsa Championships (2006). Ibi has been teaching salsa since 1996 and has vast experience in all salsa styles. He is also in charge of the SalsaAcademy Salsa and Bachata Student Team.

Vladimir Guala

Started his salsa career in 1998 and is known for his creativty on the social dance floor. Vladi has been a regular instructor at the SalsaAcademy since 2009 and is known for his passion for On2 mambo. He has been to the New York to further sharpen his skills in various occasions and travels regularly to congresses all over the world. His training provides the perfect base to teach his students the endless possibilities they have in salsa/mambo and gives them personal tools to be able to improvise and learn how to come up with their own moves.

Elena Poutanen

Originally from Russia, she has training in ballet, ballroom and especially flamenco. Since she moved to Sweden she has been teaching, competing and performing with many acomplishments to her name. Her work includes cooperations with dancers like Francisco Vasquez, Mark-Anthony Sheppard, Mambo Sisters, Sacuye Latin Dancers and more. Today she is one the most popular teachers at SalsaAkademien and is known for her Lady styling, foot work and latin body movement classes. Her vast experience gives her a highly disciplined capacity to break down movements and she is known for being able to explain intricate movements in ways that make them accesible for anyone to learn. Elena is also member of the SalsaAkademien pro team Latin Legacy.

Azael Salazar

Azael, esinejanimega Salzael, on üks huvitavamaid ja loovamaid Ladina-Ameerika tantsude koreograafe Mehhikost. Salzael on pärit Põhja Mehhikost ja on võitnud 2 aastat järjest Monterrey Salsa tantsuvõistluse. Ta on loojaks Scandalo Latino TV'le ja tantsutrupile Scandalo Tantsijad. Tantsustiilid millega Salzael tegeleb: Salsaton, Cross Body Style Salsa (L.A. on1, N.Y. on2), Kuuba Salsa ja Reggaeton. Hetkel elab ja õpetab ta salsat ja bachatat Iirimaal.

Nemanja Sonero

Nemanja Sonero - is one of the most versatile and famous dancers from South East Europe. Since he was a kid, he studied classical as well as contemporary ballet, afro-brasilian and afro-cuban folk dance, hip hop, tango, etc. For that and many more of his qualities, he is invited consistently to annual events which goes to his popularity in the salsa community world !