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Maria Hover &

Theo Awadzi

Marcela Cardenas

 Cae de Tourniel


 DJ Theo

DJ Guy




Teachers info:

Maria & Arnold: Kizomba, Semba

Maria started early with different styles of dancing until she discovered Kizomba and felt very connected to the music and the dance. Too impatient to wait for Kizomba arriving in Hamburg, she founded tudokizomba in 2011 to push kizomba forwards into popularity. Today, after intensive studying of kizomba/semba, she is well known in Germany as organiser and promoter, and together with her dance partner Arnold, she teaches Kizomba with a lot of fun and positive attitude.

As a skilled and well trained dancer in various styles, Arnold discovered Kizomba and Semba after moving to Europe and found a love at first sight. Ever since he raised his knowledge and art in these dances by learning with the best teachers available and added his unique feeling and creativity for the music and movements in his dancing.

Since he joined Maria at tudokizomba in 2012 they developed their own way of interpreting the music, keeping a respectful eye on the roots and origins of the dance.

Both set great value upon musicality and creative implementation, without losing the authentic feeling of the dance. They are supporting the development of the kizomba scene with all their passion and dedication.

Each time we hold each other for a kizomba, all our worries and thoughts and body harms fly away to leave space for an intense moment of communion and enjoyment on the rythm of harmonized instruments".

Marcela Cardenas

Marcela runs the dance company M Dans. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden she always searched for a connection to her Hispanic roots. In her early teens she bumped into Salsa and fell in love with it. Marcela's base is in Streetdance and Salsa, so when Reggaeton came to Sweden in 2003 it was natural to try it out.

Marcela put a great importance to the basics in her classes. Performance and repetition are her key words. As a dancer she's full of energy, creative and loves to bond with the audience. As a teacher Marcela is above all patient.

Among other things Marcela Cardenas has performed at Irish Salsa Congress and Hot Salsa Weekend, given workshops at Finland Bachata Festival and Stockholm International Dance Week, won Reggaeton competitions and created the group and choreography for FRESH!

Cae de Tourniel

Cae de Tourniel has Nicaraguan roots, so Latin American music has always characterized his life, but growing up in Sweden made him drawn to hip hop more than salsa. Like many other young people: the fear of making a fool of himself was much stronger than the desire to learn.

Today everything is completely different and dance has become a central part of Cae’s life. Dance is his lifestyle and everything he does each day revolves around dance.

In Cae’s classes, you can expect a lot of joy, knowledge, pedagogy, and above all involvement with a major focus on the feeling of the dance. He attaches great importance to the student to feel content and satisfied after class. Cae also believes that the only way to become a good dancer is by practicing and social dancing.

Cae’s motto as a dancer and as a teacher is to have fun while dancing. It is the most important thing!
Enjoy his classes on the cruise!

Theo Awadzi

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi (Theo) was born in the West African country of Ghana.

Theo’s dancing and teaching has earned him fame and recognition across the UK and Europe. His excellent teaching style has resulted in him travelling all around the UK and parts of the European Union teaching at congresses and festivals.

He has an extensive background of teaching Semba, Kuduro, Kizomba, Azonto and other dances. He has been mentored by some of the best UK and international stars and is an expert in both New York and Cuban dance styles. He has a wide array of experience in the field of Salsa alongside other forms of dance including Merengue, Rueda de Casino, Zouk, Chachacha and Son.

His unique teaching style is always full of fun and energy; concentrating on the footwork and then steadily progressing into the body motion, partner work and styling for both partners, all the while ensuring that lessons are enjoyable. Dancing is his way of life and this is evident in his classes as everyone leaves with a feeling of self-accomplishment.

1st Place British Open Professional Salsa Champion 2012
1st Place Kizomba champion 2011
3rd Place British Open salsa Champion 2011
Joint 1ST British Open Salsa Showcase Champion 2010
4th Place British Open Salsa Champion 2010

Theo will be celebrating his birthday on this cruise: be there, join the party and wish him Happy Birthday!